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Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA) is a public service institution. This means that we exercise our broadcasting mandate of serving the public with content that is not influenced by political or commercial interests. Our mission as the national public service broadcaster is clearly defined by law n° 42/2013 of 16/06/2013 establishing RBA.

The Rwandan government decided our mission through law n° 42/2013 of 16/06/2013 establishing RBA. This provides the framework for our Public Service Broadcasting mandate.

We interpret it like this:

To provide quality content that meets the needs of the audience and promotes cultural values, socio-economic development and citizen participation

“We will be the leading and most trusted media company on all platforms."
We want to be Rwanda's most trusted source of news, analysis and agenda setting. It is a big challenge and responsibility, but we are willing and ready to take it on.

We should be accessed on all networks including the traditional mass media platforms and the latest multimedia digital innovations.

Our core values are the guiding principles of our work both for the company at large but also for each employee and manager within the Rwanda Broadcasting Agency.

Independent: We aim to deliver objective, factual and independent editorial content free from commercial influence and political interests. We will strive to enjoy high trust, working in the interests of our audience in a non-discriminatory way.

Responsible: Our editorial line is guided by the context of our nation. While executing our mandate, we should always be mindful of the historical context of our country as well as the aspirations of the Rwandan people. We will objectively pursue the promotion of information that is constructive, educational, fact based and non-divisive.

Innovative: We seek to make innovation an intrinsic part of our company culture, transcending into the way we do business, problem-solve, present content and allocate resources. Our content must be engaging, attractive and available on more platforms, using technologies relevant to the market.

Accountable: By institutionalizing our processes we are building a stronger and more transparent company. Aiming at financial and administrative autonomy, we intend to strengthen our policies on use of public assets and improve reporting mechanism to the stakeholders representing the public.